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Steven Edwards is a Ceramic Artist based in the UK. His work explores the tangible qualities of clay, emphasising its materiality and physical aspects. Intrigued by the journey of making, he reinterprets conventional methods to evoke unexpected results, employing clay as a conduit for storytelling throughout the making process. The forms that emerge encapsulate his engagement with and shaping of the clay, utilising custom tools to delve into its inherent characteristics.

His creative practice purposely places clay under stress to reveal the natural tension and movement in its surface and form. Throughout the making process he pushes, pulls, compresses and slices the material to provoke a reaction. The final forms are a combination of these making scenarios, translating a theme of duality in their appearance – the contrast of visual distortion and precision, the stillness and movement in form and the surface deception between synthetic and natural.

"The dense, compact objects paradoxically give an impression of lightness. The interplay of entanglements appears to be the result of skilful weaving work, providing hollows, creases and folds where the light gets in while the shadows underline the reliefs. Steven Edwards does not merely build a form whose surface is subsequently decorated. The body and skin are one, giving rise to the pieces’ energy, dynamics and organic character."


Text by Guillaume Morel for 'Plaisirs gourmands', solo show at Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste, Toucy, France.

He has exhibited his work at premiere contemporary design and craft shows including British Ceramics Biennial, London Craft Week ,London Design Festival, Paris Design WeekHomo Faber in Venice and Collect 2024. He has also made large-scale outdoor installations, including From Humble Beginnings as part of the Surrey Unearthed Arts Council funded project at the Watts Gallery. He has gained international recognition and his works are now present in prestigious private collections, including the famous Devonshire collection in the UK.


MA Ceramics (Distinction)
University for the Creative Arts, Farnham

Download full CV here

Publications & Articles

August 2021:
Kinship + Craft – The Exciting World of Experimental Ceramics
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May 2020:
Cluster Crafts profile about Steven's practice and recent work ~Fold~ 
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March 2020:
Material Driven artist insight to the upcoming Transition Oxo gallery exhibition 'Materiality' Sponsored by Goodfellow  
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ISCAEE 2017 
International exhibition catalogue.

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