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Amass I

Parian porcelain

47 x 35 x 21cm



Amass I, II & III

These sculptures were created for the British Ceramics Biennial that took place in Stoke on Trent in 2019. The elements of each piece are wheel thrown using parian porcelain clay.

By following a specific making process of repetition, compression and cut, the clay is pushed, pulled, compressed and sliced to record tension and movement. The final forms are the result of combining elements from these making scenarios, referencing figurative objects that hold different characteristics – both organic and controlled.

Amass I_detail v2.jpg
Amass II_retouch.jpg

Amass II

Parian porcelain

33 x 32 x 35cm


Amass II_detail.jpg

Amass III

Parian porcelain

30 x 32 x 35cm


BCB_Amass III.jpg
Steven Edwards_Amass III detail_Chichest
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